Legal Advice

The advice contained here is by no means comprehensive but offers a general guide. Please contact us for further information.

Mopeds are machines under 50cc restricted to 28 or 30mph. Any other machine is classified as a motorcycle. Whether a machine is a moped or motorcycle is decided by the above and has nothing to do with style of machine (sports, commuter etc).

16 year olds can only ride mopeds.

17 year olds can ride motorcycles under 125cc as a learner (with certain restrictions).

17 year old can take a test for a lightweight full motorcycle licence (A1 – up to 125cc & 15bhp)

From 19 years of age, learners may obtain a middleweight full licence (A2 up to 47bhp)

From 24 years of age, learners may participate in the Direct Access scheme (A – unrestricted).

You must have a provisional licence to ride as a learner.

If your machine is a motorcycle it must contain category A entitlement.

A full car licence acts as a motorcycle provisional licence.

All learners must complete CBT before riding on the road.

All licence holders must pass both the theory and practical tests to gain a full licence.

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